The Academy School, Pune hosts parents for a day to experience NEP in action

Pune: The Academy School (TAS), Pune, hosted parents to spend a day at the campus to experience the National Education Policy (NEP) in practice in the school. The event focused on providing parents with a perspective into the goings-on at TAS, a statement issued by the school said.
Parents, along with children, were hosted by TAS teaching staff and explained the workings of the institution in terms of education and other extracurricular activities, which will give the parents a fair idea of what their children are learning, added the statement. Maithili Tambe, CEO, TAS, Pune, said, “Our educators walked them through the methods in which we inculcate the NEP learning areas in our day to day-to-day teaching. They explained to the parents the way TAS blends NEP with the ICSE curriculum while following the Finland education model, the resources we carry to conduct a productive class, and also to create a happy and healthy environment for students’ growth.”
Along with the parents, their children were also given interactive experiences on the campus such as entering the class through a hopscotch game and finding the way to their class through a maze.