Tennessee officials say 200-plus votes cast for wrong Nashville races

More than 200 votes have been cast in the wrong places in Nashville since early voting began in Tennessee, election officials said Wednesday. 

A review by the office of Davidson County Election Administrator Jeff Roberts found that 190 voters cast ballots in the wrong congressional race, 16 cast votes in a wrong state Senate race and six cast votes in a wrong state House race.

The revelation came after The Associated Press alerted Roberts’ office Tuesday that that voters were receiving conflicting information about what race they could vote in. 


Hendrell Remus, chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, speaks Wednesday in Nashville, Tenn., after election officials confirmed more than 200 votes have been cast in the wrong races in Nashville since early voting began.
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

“The fix has been put in place,” Roberts said, noting that he sent correct updates to the secretary of state’s office.

He said he was confident that voters would receive the correct ballots for the remaining days of early voting. Ballots already cast will be directed to the correct races, officials said. Voters will have a chance to re-cast their ballots. 

The issue comes after Republican lawmakers split up multiple precincts throughout Davidson County while redrawing Nashville’s congressional maps in hopes of flipping a Democratic seat. As a result, voters now live in splintered precincts and some have been incorrectly grouped in the wrong district.

Roberts confirmed Wednesday that the problem was not contained solely to one voting precinct and was not contained to just one congressional race. Instead, it affected multiple addresses across all of Davidson County — one of the state’s most populous regions.

Democratic leaders were quick to raise the alarm about the voting snafu and blamed Republicans for causing the unnecessary confusion.


“The Republican Secretary of State is actively participating in voter suppression. They know they’re giving people the incorrect ballots, and they don’t care,” the Tennessee Democratic Party tweeted Wednesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.