Rob Gronkowski Gives Serious Take On Why Partying Made Him A Football Superstar

Former tight end Rob Gronkowski explained on “The Tonight Show” Monday how he partied his way to football greatness. And he seemed to mean it. (Watch the video below.)

The four-time Super Bowl champion told Jimmy Fallon that despite friends’ warnings that he partied too hard, he came to the realization that a night out made for a great workout.

“How do I party?” Gronkowski asked. “Well, I’m carrying my friends throughout the bar. I’m holding them up. I’m lifting them. I’m curling them. They’re on my back. I’m jumping up and down, dancing the whole time, kinda like [“Elvis” actor] Austin Butler, I’m freakin’ gyrating like this. … And then I realized that translated to the football field.”

Fallon wasn’t so convinced. “Yeah, of course it does,” the host said.

But we don’t recommend that the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs apply his barfly training method before they clash in the Super Bowl on Feb. 12.

Gronkowski picked the Eagles to win and predicted he’ll make the field goal he’s attempting in a live Super Bowl ad for FanDuel. If he makes it, the gambling platform will give away $10 million in free bets to customers who wager $5 or more on the game.

Here’s the full interview: