‘I’m a secondary school teacher with ADHD’

A secondary school teacher has been talking about how being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at the age of 36 has helped the pupils she works with.

Katie Roper, from Arnold in Nottinghamshire, was diagnosed with the disorder which affects concentration and focus in 2020.

She has developed a series of workarounds to help her, including lists, digital planners and phone alarm reminders, as well as a colour-coded calendar.

She said: “I’m really open about my diagnosis at work. My students are lovely anyway – they’re really supportive.

“When I’ve done assemblies, students have come up to speak to me and said ‘Miss, I really liked your assembly. I think that my brain might be like that.'”

Katie said she struggled with the condition during her own schooldays but added: “I hope… the students that I teach who have ADHD won’t have to experience the same struggles that I have.”

Video journalists: Rebecca Brice and Verity Cowley

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