I Regret To Inform You That Sheertex Tights Are Worth Investing In

There are few things I find more difficult than having to spend a lot of money on utilitarian undergarments. My best guess is that this is the result of coming of age during the height of early-aughts fast fashion — when you could get five pairs of underwear for $20 or a going-out top for $11. So after a lifetime of picking up cheapie tights at the drugstore, the mere thought of spending more than a few bucks on a pair is harrowing. But I’ve finally gone and made the switch to a higher-end hosiery brand, and I regret to inform you that Sheertex’s rip-resistant tights are worth the investment.

Is there anything as delightful as when a sartorial item is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional and well made? These tights arrive at the intersection of all these. Sure, they’re significantly pricier than drugstore tights, but their longevity makes them worthy of the cost.

I will be the first to admit that when I first began hearing the buzz around these tights, I was skeptical. I am hard on tights. I jam my claw-like toes into them, use my sharp nails and fingertips to hike them up around my waistline and wear them with combat boots that have historically snagged all my tights around the ankles and calves. As a result, I run through them (literally and figuratively) very quickly.

Despite my hesitation, I picked up a few pairs of Sheertex tights last winter and haven’t looked back. After months of use, they remain in near-perfect condition. They’ve even withstood my dog’s eager jumps and inadvertent scratches. The relative strength of these tights is practically shocking — but best of all, this fabric is not only wildly tough but comfortable too.

I can’t tolerate slimy-feeling fabrics, pinching waistbands or uncomfortable toe seams. Sheertex’s fabric is soft and smooth, with light compression that is comfortable and doesn’t put too much pressure on my waist or stomach. The reinforced toe keeps me from ripping through with my talons but doesn’t have errant seams that would ordinarily cause me agita.

Sheertex’s tights come in a variety of colors, patterns and levels of sheerness. I turn to the classic sheer tights more often than not, but on occasion find myself reaching for a fun pattern or backseam. Prices do vary depending on the style, with most of them falling within the range of $40-$60. Luckily, these bestselling tights are often on sale (as they are right now!), making them more accessible than usual. They’re all available in sizes XS to 3X and also come in less traditional styles like thigh-highs, boy shorts and more.

Keep reading to check out my favorite Sheertex styles and pick some up for yourself. This is the perfect time of year to stock up on these cozy, indestructible tights.

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Sheertex Classic sheer rip-resist tights

These classic Sheertex tights are my go-tos. The sheer finish gives my legs a soft touch and the appearance of length — something I desperately need. They look as good as they feel. Elegant, timeless and comfortable.


Sheertex backseam sheer rip-resist tights

When I want to add a flirty touch to an ensemble, I reach for the backseam tights. They have a vintage vibe that is at once sweet and alluring, and never itchy.


Sheertex classic semi opaque rip-resist tights

When I want more coverage, the semi-opaque tights hit the spot. They show only a hint of skin tone, and are great for when I want to rock a more neutral, formal look.


Sheertex polka dot sheer rip-resist tights

These kicky and eclectic sheer polka dot Sheertex tights are perfect for everything from date night to drinks with friends. They add an element of sexy fun that feels lighthearted and adds to the appeal of these swingy tights.