FICCI ARISE organising annual conference for school education on ‘Reboot-Re-imagine-Rebuild’ on Dec 9-10

NEW DELHI: As we move towards self-reliance, it is imperative for schools to develop an ecosystem that instills resilience, encourages innovation, promotes sustainability and equips our students to be ready to face the disruptive future.
While the pandemic has already accelerated transformational change at the institutional level, it is important for other stakeholders, including the government, industry and the society, to work towards making systemic changes and build a robust, resilient, student-centric and futuristic school education system.
With all these in mind, FICCI ARISE is organising its annual flagship conference for school education on the theme ‘Reboot-Re-imagine-Rebuild‘ on December 9-10 in New Delhi.
Through this conference, FICCI ARISE aims to bring forth solutions whereby the K-12 sector can work along with the government to make a definitive difference and complement our nation’s priorities to facilitate a mindset needed to drive future-oriented teaching and learning. The conference will witness participation of more than 500 delegates including state and central government officials, regulators, prominent educators, think tanks, consulting firms and institutions from across India.
On the side-lines of the conference, FICCI ARISE has also organised focused Master Classes on School Improvement Framework and School Safety and Child Protection.
The conference also features world-class keynote speakers: Proven experts with contributions that will take you on a journey far beyond the conference theme, and bring new perspectives and new impulses for innovation.
Additionally, this edition has an exciting opportunity to visit top of the line schools in Delhi/NCR region and gain exposure to successful pedagogical tools and practices and innovative learning spaces.