British Council launches Alumni UK to promote professional networking and job creation

The British Council officially launched Alumni UK – a networking platform that aims to bring together the large student community who studied in the universities and academic institutes in the UK. On the sidelines of Going Global Conference Asia Pacific 2022, held in Singapore, the Alumni UK was launched by Kara Owen, British High Commissioner to Singapore.
“This will be one of the biggest networking platforms for the students, who will get better opportunities to display their abilities and talent acquired in the universities in the UK,” said Kara, underlining how the UK produces the most employable students. Anyone who has studied in the UK is eligible to connect with the Alumni UK to increase their professional and social networking, added Kara. Since its soft launch in February 2022, 8000 international UK higher education alumni have expressed their interest in joining Alumni UK from 100 countries.
Speaking to Education Times, Maddalaine Ansell, Director of Education, British Council, said, “More than half a million international students study in UK’s universities. After completing their education, they rarely get to remain in touch. The platform will help them stay connected to enhance their professional networking and employment opportunities.
This will be a strategic collaboration between international students. Throughout next year the British Council will also deliver exclusive alumnus engagement events in countries around the world including India, China, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam.
The universities in the UK have been noticing the inflow of many Indian and Chinese students, in the last few decades. The students and the universities need to keep track of the success stories and the academic journey of the students studying in the UK. “We want the best voices to be heard. The academic exposure acquired in the UK gives an opportunity to transform the world after the students return to their respective countries. The success stories will inspire students aspiring to study in the UK,” said Leighton Ernsberger, Regional Education Director, East Asia, British Council.
Every country is looking for employable students and a strong network helps in advancing the process. Alumni forums in every university are the key source of employment generation and this platform will be helpful in that direction, adds Ernsberger pointing at the increasing affiliation of the Indian students to study in the UK. “The networking platform will help in capacity building. There will be regular events with guest lectures by an expert from the industry to highlight the changing requirements of the industry and the market.”
The economic recession and political upheaval in the UK, with Rishi Sunak taking over as the Prime Minister of the UK was presumed to be detrimental for the international students planning to study there. However, that has not impacted the inflow of international students. “The number of applications from international students continues to increase. So, we can confidently say that the trust of the international students is unshaken, but we keep the fingers crossed,” says Ansall.