Y20 Summit 2023: IIM Raipur is sole knowledge partner for Youth 20 Summit

RAIPUR: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur will serve as the sole knowledge partner for the prestigious Youth 20 Summit, 2023. While the G20 is taking place in India, the country is also holding the inaugural Youth 20 Summit. At the Y20 Summit, young leaders from all of the G20 nations come together to tackle pressing global concerns.
The Institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Department of Youth Affairs. In addition to providing logistical support, it will coordinate and facilitate seven Youth 20 pre-summits throughout the country. Assisting fifteen academic partners with consultation support and knowledge will be the Institute’s responsibility as the sole knowledge partner, said IIM Director Professor Ram Kumar Kakani.
The consultations will revolve around five themes that are relevant to the issues that the world is facing. These themes include the future of work; climate change and disaster risk reduction; peace building and reconciliation; and youth in democracy. In addition to increasing knowledge dissemination among young people, the Y20 Consultations are also intended to raise awareness of India’s G20 objective.
The Y20 Summit will provide a platform for the youth that will enable them to share their perspectives on the themes of the summit. The summit will encourage young leaders to come forward. In this way, the youth can provide valuable insights as well as play a significant role in transforming the world. The priorities of the summit highlight the necessity with which society must come to terms with the realities of the changing trends in order to prosper.
As the world gears up for the Y20 Summit, IIM Raipur and other academic partners have started preparations to make this summit successful.
Meanwhile talking to TOI on the sideline of a pre-event workshop at IIM Raipur, Summit Meeta Rajivlochan, Secretary, Department of Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, said the Y20 engagement group is planning a major outreach programme to directly consult youths in different locations pan India about the themes of the Y20 Group. “Essentially we are asking them their thoughts on how to make our society a better society and how can India contribute to the world community. Ideas for a better tomorrow is the theme,” she said
“We are looking to consult youths across India, different locations whether they are students in colleges, universities across regions and spaces whether they are self-employed, professionals, and are in different jobs. For this task we have tied with IIM Raipur, given its very considerable expertise in this very particular field. We are looking for them to support us,” she said.
It is their initiatives to conduct these consultations, so as to better the quality of consultation and engagement and the entire outcome which is able to come up with a cogent on what India can do for the world, she said.
“When we talk about the Y20 consultation we mean it. This is a mechanism to consult people in as many different fora as possible, which is the objective. The agenda is that I mentioned above – to see the process as transparent as possible so that it has the maximum possible outreach. The process will continue from February to a culmination in August when we hold a final Y20,” concluded the youth affairs secretary.