VKE students on art excursion

Students of Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE), went on an art excursion on November 12 and visited the art exhibition ‘Artival’ held at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai and the Jahangir Arts Gallery. The department of MYP-DP Visual Arts at VKE executed the event for 9th to 12th graders. The students visited the grand art exhibition ‘Artival’ held at the ‘World Trade Centre, Mumbai’ and the Jahangir Arts Gallery, Mumbai, a statement issued by the school said.
The exhibition Artival showcased the work of over 60 senior artists from all across the globe, including the department head of Visual Arts and the art faculty of VKE. The students of VKE had the opportunity to meet master artists from the world over and discuss their perspectives, and their understanding of Art. The enriched exposure helped the students scaffold their knowledge of Arts and aesthetics away from school.
President of VKE, Robbin Ghosh said, “When students move out of the classroom, they look at the connections and networking between the school and the real world. The skill set they develop during these visits impacts their overall personalities. When they see a masterwork or talk to industry experts, they get expansion on their social, organizational, and interpersonal skills. They get the inspiration to observe and discover the challenges within the walls of the classroom that can help them solve the problems that they see in the outside world around them and can have a direct influence on whom they become as a person.”

To connect the students with real-world experiences, VKE believed that a field trip was one of the best tools that every child requires. Whether it’s a trip for community service, a museum, theatre, art gallery, manufacturing industry, or a scientific one, each experience that a student partakes in impacts their interpretation of the real world.
Avi Sharma, a student in 10th grade says, “From the minute I set foot into the exhibition, I was astonished to see the variety of works within the different stalls, with different mediums, different subjects, and different colour schemes, only to understand how each artist developed their style. In very short words, after the trip, my motivation for the upcoming submissions skyrocketed as this trip helped me understand and identify my potential as an artist, and that I too have the ability to produce masterpieces.”
Another student, Pruthvish Dangat, a student in 12th grade said, “This was an enlightening experience for me as a budding artist to get a first-hand understanding of how professionals work and how individual processes are. Cultural belonging and its influence also play a significant role in the formation of an artist according to my interactions in the art show.”