Three-day training for cops on industrial safety

Anakapalli district police are now undergoing a 3-day training on risk mitigation, industrial safety, and first aid techniques, besides basic principles in handling hazardous chemicals and fire fighting.
Anakapalli Police Boss Gautami Shali with a view to training her staff in connection with industrial safety and risk mitigation or management inaugurated the training on Monday with expert faculty in collaboration with the Mutually Aided Society for Risk Mitigation (MASRM) of Parawada Pharma City.
As part of the initiation, a special team comprising 32 police personnel was constituted in the Anakapalli district police department for risk mitigation with regard to industrial safety. As part of the training program, one day was exclusively spared for the teaching of safety and emergency mitigation system and practices by visiting the HPCL.
It is recalled that Ankapalli has many industries and SEZs post-restructuring of districts and the majority of industrial accidents take place in these industries. The Anakapalli SP Gautami Shali said that it is essential to be aware of various risks with respect to the industries, especially for cops. “Keeping in mind the previous unfortunate incidents in industries in SEZs and also in the district and also to prevent and to mitigate them, we planned to provide training to the staff,” she said.