This Egyptian poet spreads Urdu in Arab world

MEERUT: Urdu poet Walaa Jamal El Esseily, an associate professor of Urdu at Ain Shams University, Cairo, in Egypt found love for the South Asian language during graduation.
A foreign language in an Arabic-speaking country, she studied all major poets of India and Pakistan and decided that research in the language was actually her true calling. Nile, being both culturally and historically ingrained in the psyche of Egyptians, her poetry in Urdu has the essence of the river in an emotional form.
Prof Esseily who was in Meerut to attend an Urdu conference in Chaudhary Charan Singh University, made a point to visit Ghalib Academy in Delhi.
“Mirza Ghalib was a legendary ‘shayar’ and has always been my source of inspiration when it comes to poetry and romantic overtures in Ahmad Faraz’s poetry are par excellence,” she said.
Esseily’s Urdu couplets give glimpses of the landscape of the Nile, flowing eternally through Egypt, express human emotions as well as hits out at hatred.
She recites a few couplets of her ghazal: “Beti hai tu walaa, is gair faniye Neel ki, teri har ek sher hai, nagma-e-Neel (Nile) ka, dekhte hai Misr wale jab kinar Neel ka, yaad aa jaata unko sara kissa Neel ka (Walla, you are daughter of eternally flowing Nile. Your each sentence and ghazal is the story of Nile. When people of Egypt see the bank of the Nile, they recall the entire story of it).”
Expressing her eternal love for the Nile in another couplet, she wrote: “Misr aao doston tumko agar fursat mile, kam se kam ek baar dekho najara Neel ka (Friends, come to Egypt if you could spare time, at least, see the landscape of Nile river once).”