The Best Breast Pumps For Every Feeding Need

According to Gina VanCant, a certified lactation counselor and co-founder of Project Milk Mission, an institution dedicated to breastfeeding education primarily for communities of color, there is no one breast pump that is right for every mother and situation.

Because of this, finding your best option might involve a lot of trial and error or having multiple pumps available for specific feeding needs.

“Manual breast pumps are less expensive than electric models, quiet and handy for occasional expressing. But they can become cumbersome if used frequently, because you have to keep pumping the handle to create the vacuum,” VanCant told HuffPost.

Conversely, electric pumps, which VanCant said might be more convenient because they do the pumping for you, often aren’t as portable or quiet as a manual option.

“I’ve also found with my clients that the ability to adjust the suction strength [on electric pumps] is very helpful during expression time,” she added.

Whether you’re a pump-dependent feeder or the occasional pumper, VanCant said you can explore the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration breast pump database, which includes a variety of breastfeeding resources and information on pumps. It’s also worth mentioning that many insurance plans cover the cost of a breast pump.

Just ahead, we rounded up some of the most popular breast pumps among people who breastfeed and broke them down in categories. Find electric pumps with hospital-grade suction, a highly rated manual pump that mimics natural baby sucking behavior and wearable pumps that look nearly invisible underneath a shirt.

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Electric breast pumps


An affordable, high-suction pump

Pump milk directly into storage bags or food-grade silicone bottles using the included bag adapters in this affordable electric pump kit. The closed pumping system has four sucking modes and nine levels of suction power that can be controlled using the high-definition touch panel.

Promising review: “I had a preemie baby who was in the hospital for two months and was terrified of my milk diminishing while he was there. I had a hospital grade pump and it worked wonders, but when he came home, I gave the pump back [and] my milk disappeared. I had a free insurance one, [it] didn’t work. Bought wireless ones, [it] didn’t work. Had a manual breast pump and would barely get 90ml per session from both breasts. I used this one for the past week, and my supply had quadrupled. I just pumped four 90ml containers as I write this review. Overall there are some kinks, but I absolutely love it. One problem I had was the silicon insert on the flanges, was weird and spilled milk, but easily comes off and the flanges by themselves work good. I find it fairly portable, and can put it in a fanny pack and do chores. The battery life is awesome, and really helps that I can get up when needed to do what I have to do. I love all the different modes of suction, but it is important to know what they do. I was using the massage and getting around 200ml. But then, I dabbled with the other ones, and saw I got double the amount with less of a power level with the other buttons. Overall, great battery life, portable, and milk saver.” — Chloe Meas


A hospital performance pump

This hospital-grade, multi-user pump claims to clinically increase milk volume production by nearly 12%. The closed and natural-sucking system also comes with a cooler bag for storing milk and two different sizes of breast shields with soft rims and oval shapes for optimal comfort.

Promising review: “I own this pump and just purchased this one for my sister. My son is now three and I am expecting my second child within the month. Before purchasing this pump for my own use I read lots of reviews, consulted the lactation consultant at my hospital, and asked other nursing moms. Across the board, Medela was recommended as a reliable and easily usable brand. This pump has never given me any trouble. I used it at home and every time we traveled. The battery pack worked just as well as having it plugged in, so it really was mobile. I also appreciated the insulated bag and ice pack. I would pump right into a bottle, and when it was convenient for me I would transfer the milk to a storage bag for freezing. The adjustable speed/vacuum dial came in handy. I was surprised how much I actually used it. I thought I would find a comfortable setting and keep it there. However, some days I wanted to turn it up, and some days I needed to dial it back. This made the whole pumping process more comfortable. I was able to easily use the breast shields that came with the pump, but I know some others who could not. If those don’t work for you, you can order other sizes to fit your needs. Don’t let a poorly fitted shield keep you from utilizing the pump.” — R.J. Koehn


A multi-mode portable electric pump

The NCVI features single or double pumping options, nine levels of suction and four different modes, including massage, express and stimulating that encourages milk flow. Easily pump on the go thanks to the USB charging capabilities. The anti-backflow design prevents damage to the valve and the machine.

Promising review: “I bought this to use while traveling and it was so great! I used it to pump on the airplane several times and it did great. It holds a charge for at least two sessions, but I never did more than that before charging it. It also has a USB charger, so you could use a power bank if you need to! It is super quiet, I can hardly hear it at all. The suction worked great for me, I’m able to get 4oz from each side in about 20 minutes. I typically use the Spectra s2 or Medela Symphony and this works almost just as good for me! There are a lot of different levels and modes too. My only criticism is that the bottles only hold 4oz, and as an over producer I typically get more than 4oz in a session. So you may want to get an extra set of bottles, or pump into bags. Also, there are many little silicone pieces with this that need to be hand washed — which makes it a little more difficult when you’re on the go. Overall I loved having this pump while traveling!!” — Auntie

Wearable breast pumps


A highly rated hands-free pump

For an efficient and truly hands-free pumping option, the Momcozy wearable dual pumps utilize a no-leak silicone valve and battery-powered operation so you can remain completely mobile while pumping. The quiet functionality won’t disturb a sleeping baby and offers both massage and suction modes as well as five levels of sucking intensity.

Promising review: “This breast pump is sooo useful!! Initially, I wasn’t getting anything when I pumped. But then after reading the assembly instructions over and making sure all the holes lined up, I made more milk than I ever made! Even more than I did with my Medela pump. This one carries 7oz or so in each and after one session, my milk filled both! As Im typing now, i am cooking dinner and have the pumps on. I literally forgot that I was pumping because I was focused on cooking dinner. All I’m saying is that I get a lot more done pumping with these rather than the other pumps not to mention the cost! Don’t spend $400 on Willow! This does the trick trust me! Just find the suction level that works for you.” — Amazon customer


A smart slim-line double pump

Pump entirely hands-free while also keeping track of important pumping history and trends like milk output all right from your phone, with this intuitive and smart pumping system by Elvie. The ultra-slim design means the pumps look virtually invisible inside your bra and a powerful yet gentle Piezo-powered suction is created as tiny discs move at 21,000 oscillations per second.

Promising review: “I absolutely love my Elvie pumps. I find the suction to be great, it’s super convenient for work, and I couldn’t live without them. I’m getting more from these than I did with my Spectra S2 and Madela pump n style. plus I can pump and go about my day at the same time, without having to be attached to a wall. It saves me so much time at work, I never miss a pump session because it’s so easy to do (makes a world of difference in my supply). I love that I can easily wear it under my shirt, it’s fairly quiet, and I love the controls in the app on my phone. The battery lasts me at least three 30 min sessions during work — haven’t used them longer than that. The only thing is I find the pumped amounts predicted to be way off — so it’ll say I’ve pumped 3 oz when it’s really only 1-2oz. Overall, it’s my best purchase yet and I’m so glad I have them. I probably would have given up pumping at work if it weren’t for these!!” — Nicole

A manual breast pump


A portable natural suction pump

This small, lightweight and one-piece design can allow you to collect milk silently or catch any letdown that would otherwise be lost in disposable nursing pads. It uses natural suction, is easy to clean and doesn’t require any cords or charging to operate.

Promising review: “I got the 4oz Haaka without the stopper because I was leaking all over myself, especially at night. I figured if I could catch at least one oz per session, I’d have 8oz per day but I couldn’t find those milk catching shields I’ve heard about/seen online anywhere locally. When I started looking for them on Amazon, I came across this little gem and thought it looked interesting … for $12, it cost less than the shields, could catch more, and looked like an alternative to my preferred manual pump. It turned out to be all that and more! Not only did I easily catch the extra ounce per sessions, but I immediately noticed an increase in production. In a week, I have started a significant stash and now catch 1-3 oz per session and have 55oz collected and stored (in just a week).” — Alison19


An easy express handle pump

Ideal for efficient pumping on the go, the Lansinoh uses an ergonomic, easy-express handle that reduces hand fatigue while manually pumping milk directly into storage bags or bottles. Additionally, the pump has a two-mode expression function that encourages milk to flow first before collecting.

Promising review: “I don’t know what I’d do without this thing. I tried the Hakka, didn’t love it, and it didn’t drain my boob successfully. I’m a super producer, so my baby usually is full just off one boob alone, and sometimes my boob is still a little full. I use it specifically for morning feeds after long stretches of sleep. I’ll get him latched and then use this hand pump on the other breast and simultaneously breast-feed and pump. It’s virtually quiet, so easy to put together, and very easy to use. This is the only product besides my electric pumps that drains my breast completely. I would 100% recommend this product.” — BlackSmith


A single-hand pump with flexible shield

A trusted name in breast pumps with close to 14,500 five-star Amazon ratings, the Medela Harmony uses a unique two-phase “flex-technology” that mimics natural baby sucking behavior. The 105-degree angle and oval shaped flange help to ensure optimal comfort and milk production.

Promising review: “I was using my Lansinoh double electric pump and wasn’t getting much out of it. I bought this to see if there was a difference. In the very first pumping session I doubled what I normally would have gotten from my electric pump. … also turns out I was using the wrong flange size so I ordered a smaller flange and I get even more now! In just a couple weeks I went from struggling to get enough milk for me to be able to go out for a couple hours to now having over 200 ounces stocked up in the freezer. Now my supply is high enough that my baby only feeds on one side so I pump the other side while she is eating. If you’re struggling with supply I highly recommend giving this a shot. And make sure you’re flange size is correct as well.” — Nathan