Teacher from Rohtak writes a book on Parenting

ROHTAK: Parenting is not only giving a child shelter, food and education but helping the child discover his hidden potential and talent. These are the lines written boldly on the back page of the book authored by Dr Lalita Malik who has been a teacher for one-and-half decades here.
Hailing from Rohtak, Lalita Malik who presently lives in Goa, in her debut book said that parents need to prepare children with 21st-century skills like learning skills, literacy skills and life skills. Quoting American physicist Michigan Kaku, she said that “All kids are born geniuses but are crushed by society”.
Talking to TOI, the 36-year-old author said that days are gone when children would learn life skills from their surroundings, neighbourhood and imbibe traits and qualities from members living in a joint family. “Every child has a natural ability to learn and grow but parents, if trained, can enhance them, prepare their child to face the times ahead”.
In the 151-page book, Lalita focuses on parenting tips on how parents’ role can transform a future as all children are born talented but not all are successful and the difference lies in parenting. Lalita said that she started her career as a teacher and then moved to administration while working as vice-principal in Rohtak school and also associated with CBSE as a resource person.
She said that the motivation behind writing the book came when her son Advit was born and while satisfying her queries related to parenting, she struck with the idea on the subject based on her learning during the research and growing her son, who is six years old now.