Target’s Viral ‘Office Sweatpants’ Are Back In Stock

These trousers-in-disguise appear as a pair of everyday office slacks with an ankle-skimming cropped hemline, a flattering high waist and straight-legged fit. In reality, they are pull-over pants with an elasticized waist, soft stretch fabric and the undeniable feel of sweats. And, at $25 a pop, what could possibly deter you?

Made by Target’s house brand A New Day, the pants are actually an updated version of their office sweatpants that previously went viral and sold out, according to a TikTok posted by user Jacquelyn Fricke. This newer style, which comes available in four prints and four solids with pintuck pleats, now has jetted pockets and no drawstring, which means you can tuck in your cute blouse without giving your wardrobe secret away.