Students should expand the basic research: Noble laureate Sir Richard J Roberts

GUNTUR: Nobel Laureate Sir Richard J. Roberts suggested the students to expand their basic research to depth to explore more avenues from sciences for the betterment of humankind. He said that research knowledge will also make the youth become industrialists and become self-reliant.
Dr Richard J Roberts addressed the students in virtual mode at the three-day international conference “Frontiers in Nutrition, Medical Genomics and Drug Discovery (INBIX-22)” held at Vignan’s University on Monday.
Dr.Richard J. Roberts said that students should be encouraged to do basic research right from the beginning. He emphasized the need for students to take up basic research which would allow them to become industrialists. Taking himself as the best example, his academic setup of basic research allowed him to start the New England Labs in Boston, USA which is now a billion dollar company.
He said drug discovery plays an important role in the field of medical genomics research and would be more beneficial for students to connect with research institutions and read articles. Former director of IISC, and recipient of the Padma Bhushan award, Professor G. Padmanabhan, said meetings would develop students’ skills and leadership. He said that students should have an education system with skills and research ideas. He pointed out that there are many opportunities for young people in the corporate world and that they need to develop the skills necessary to achieve them.
The students need to encourage each other for a bright future. Ohio State University, USA-Columbus, professor DPS Verma said there is a need for students to share their thoughts. Energy should be used in the right direction. Those who are diligent in their studies are reportedly able to attain higher positions. Vignan university chairman Dr. Lavu Rathaiah, vice chairman Lavu Sri Krishnadevarayulu, vice chancellor Prof P. Nagabhushan attended the programme.