Should you upgrade your smartphone? Take our quiz

The holidays are coming fast, which means the biggest names in Big Tech are trying to catch your eye with updated smartphones and big promises.

Apple’s new iPhone 14 has all the usual tweaks and upgrades you’ve come to expect from an annual update, and includes new features such as the ability to detect when you’ve been in a car crash. Google’s new Pixel 7 phones can salvage iffy photos and make talking on the phone — especially with customer service agents — less of a headache. And Samsung, well, its fanciest phones fold in half.

These can sound pretty tempting, but do you actually need a new one?

A new smartphone is a major purchase that can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. The companies that make and sell the devices would like you to believe it’s necessary to shell out for a new one every couple of years. In reality, a smartphone can live a long and fulfilling life with proper maintenance and, if needed, a few repairs.

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Go easy on your wallet and the environment by only buying new devices when you really need them. To help you decide when that time has come, the Help Desk has made this quiz to guide you.

Question 1 of 5

How old is your phone?

To find the date of purchase for a new iPhone, log into Apple’s support site and select your device. For an Android phone, log into the Play Store or your Google Account. If you bought a used phone, use the year that model was released.

Question 2 of 5

Is anything wrong with your phone?

Question 3 of 5

How important is camera quality to you?

Question 4 of 5

What features are you currently missing and willing to spend money for?

Question 5 of 5

How important is it that you be seen with the newest phone?

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