Samsung’s The Frame TV Is 21% Off For Amazon Prime Early Access

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If you’re a professional gamer, a self-proclaimed “cinephile” or a die-hard sports fan, you may relish having a super technological-looking living room with an enormous home entertainment center. Yet, if you’re just a person who casually watches Netflix or someone that hates the look of giant devices, you may want a television that blends in with your space. This one blends in so much, it looks just like a framed poster when it’s not in use.

The Frame is a flush-mounting 4K HDR Smart TV from Samsung designed to look like a piece of art you’ve hung on your wall. When it’s not actively playing a movie or show, you can set the TV to display a piece of art, a map, poster or any other visual you want. Its motion sensors can even make the art change as you move around your home.

When in TV mode, it works with Alexa for hands-free control and can connect with all your favorite streaming apps. It comes in seven sizes from 32 to 85 inches, yet only the 50-inch version is on sale for Prime Day.

When reading reviews, you’ll see this likely isn’t the TV for serious home theater lovers and sound geeks. It’s an aesthetic purchase for sure, one that will make your living room look amazing more than it will recreate a movie-going experience. Many reviewers say they bought a sound bar to add to the system, though plenty say they are perfectly fine with the built-in sound.

“We bought the 65-inch for a shiplapped mantle/gas fireplace. It looks fantastic. We’ve used it for two primary purposes so far – art mode and Disney+ – and it has excelled at both of those things. We’ve had three or four people say ‘wow that’s a beautiful painting’ or ‘is that painting backlit’ and they’re shocked when we point out that it’s actually a TV. While the kids are watching Disney movies, I’ve been turning lights on/off, moving around the room, etc. to get a feel for the viewing angles. From straight-on, both standing and at couch-height, there is little-to-no glare regardless of the environment.” — Amazon customer

“The set itself looks just like a very large picture frame when the tv is off. It comes pre-loaded with a few pieces of artwork, and the offer to buy into a Samsung app that gives you access to lots more artwork. You also have the option to load your own photos onto the One Box, which is what I did. I have loaded over 100 photos so far, they all look stunning on the tv. You can also choose to individualize each photo’s mat size and color, and set up either a solitary photo or a slide show with several different time intervals. Now, for the tv picture. Did I say ‘stunning?’ Yes, I did. The new 4K has amazing color and picture clarity. It looks pretty darn close to 3D, if you ask me. My husband walks into the room when I am watching tv, stands there for a moment watching, and always says, ‘What a great picture!’ I couldn’t agree more. All in all, I have almost no complaints about this television. My only one is that I still need my DirecTV remote to access certain features that you can’t control with the Samsung remote, but that’s just being picky. Can you tell I really LOVE this television? Yes, I think you can.” — K. Davis

“This TV is a treat. We purchased for the Art mode because we had a large wall that we wanted a TV on but honestly, we don’t watch much TV. 75-inch is a large TV for most walls but it was perfect for the wall we chose and 95% of the time, it’s simply showing art and not television. Installation was fairly simple with the included wall bracket system. Setting up the Smart features was also simple. It supports all the Apps you’d want to add, which was a nice feature set.” — Marietta Buyer

“I LOVE this and I don’t like televisions! It lets me have a frame on the wall with art displayed unless I want to watch TV. Picture quality superior, remote maddening (is there an easy one?). Also, these images I bought from Etsy at no more than $2 per image. I am blown away.” — DixieD