Rolling Stones: ‘I got out of school to review 1964 Ipswich gig’

Fielder said the Stones’ set included Route 66, Not Fade Away and It’s All Over Now.

“I wrote about how the Stones were clearly the headline act. It was tremendously exciting,” he said.

“I’d seen Gerry & The Pacemakers and The Hollies in Cambridge, but the Stones were better than any band I’d seen before, just in terms of playing ability. They locked hard and heavy.

“Each member had their own character – Bill Wyman on bass seemed older, Charlie Watts [drummer, who died last year] was unfussy.

“Brian Jones and Keith Richards [guitarists] seemed in friendly competition.

“Singer Mick Jagger had come back from the US and had seen James Brown and he was now dancing.

“With Inez & Charlie Foxx, it was the first time I’d seen a US soul band, and I could see that was where the Stones were getting some of their sound from.

“The audience was fairly split between boys and girls, so there was some screaming, but the Stones didn’t have the hysteria The Beatles were getting, because it was more of a male audience.”