Raj govt’s science seminar searches for hidden scientists in students

Jaipur: Hundreds of students from villages, towns and cities gathered in Jaipur to discuss the basic science and sustainability in the State Science Seminar 2022.
The seminar was organised by the Department of Science and Technology in Birla Auditorium, Jaipur on Sunday.
Themed as ‘Basic Science for Sustainable Development- Challenges & Prospects’, the young students from different age groups discussed how science and sustainability can go together to make the earth a green planet.
Kailash Mishra, Curator of Science Dept said, “Organising this event helped students to gain confidence and share their novel ideas on stage. They learnt to adjust themselves in the competitive environment. Thirdly, they got an exposure to spread their wings.”
On this occasion, astronomer and educator Preeti Sharma, said, “It was a much-needed exposure for the students to discover their potential. This event was helpful for students as well as for the guests present there. It’s important to give opportunities to students who come from small villages and districts. For instance, the students have a lot of study material available in books on space science, but it’s only limited to the books, so we have introduced sky tourism to witness such things in real life through telescopes. It’s important to introduce such students to these things to bring their hidden scientist out.”
“We all have a scientist hiding somewhere within us who just needs a push to come ahead… so opportunities should be given to these students. Therefore, it’s important to give right exposure to these students as who knows — one of them might be the next Kalpana Chawla,” she added.
Lakshay Jain from Jayshri Periwal school, Jaipur notched first rank at the state level competition for sharing his ideas on science and sustainability. He will now go to Kolkata to participate in the national seminar where winners will get an annual scholarship of Rs 2000.
The second ranker was Kashvi Bhalothia from Pali. Her presentation focussed on a holistic education and integrating ancient knowledge with basic technology paving the way for a green planet,” she said.
Kashvi wants to become a doctor and go abroad for higher studies and work for a better and green world.
Divyadarshini Ranawat from Nathdwara stood third. She said, “I have presented my ideas and thoughts on basic science for sustainable development.”
With dreams shining high in her eyes to become a neuro-surgeon, Divyadarshini said, “It’s the need of the hour for everyone to care for Planet Earth,” she said.