Punjab govt has cheated thousands of teachers of ‘non-govt affiliated colleges’ in 7th pay scale notification’ Teachers body

JALANDHAR: Association of Unaided College Teachers (AUCT), Punjab and Chandigarh, has alleged that the Punjab government has cheated thousands of college teachers of Punjab by not including the word ‘Non-government affiliated colleges’ in the notification issued to implement the UGC seventh pay scale.
In a statement issued here on Thursday, AUCT general secretary Prof Jaspal Singh termed this notification unfortunate for the future of higher education in Punjab. He said that through this notification, this government also, like the previous governments, had injured the interests of college teachers of Punjab greatly.
AUCT spokesperson Prof Tarun Ghai said, “We had sent to the government a copy of an earlier notification dated January 12, 1988 which had the words ‘Non Government Affiliated Colleges’ in it. In this notification, the fourth pay scale was awarded to all the colleges – aided and unaided. It was demanded that the same should be there in the notification of the present government also. Now thousands of these teachers working in 426 colleges of the state are in a bad shock that the populist government from whom they had high expectations, has also followed the path of the previous governments and deprived them of their rights.”
AUTC appealed to the Higher Education minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer, to amend this notification as soon as possible to bring the word ‘Non-Government Affiliated Colleges’ in it.