Public awareness by docs key to prevention, early detection of cancer: CM Sawant

Panaji: Chief minister Pramod Sawant on Thursday said that doctors should speak to at least 1,000 people to create awareness on cancer among the 15 lakh population of the state to reduce cancer cases.
Sawant said that awareness can prevent and cure cancer at an early stage.
Speaking at a master training programme for medical officers on cancer awareness and prevention, Sawant said that oral and cervical cancer is preventable and curable if it is diagnosed at an early stage.
Sawant said that within six months, the government will have master trainers so that they can reach out to people to create awareness on cancer.
“Cancer awareness is key for prevention and early detection, and therefore Project Satark is implemented in various districts of Goa, Maharashtra, Telangana and West Bengal. The real success of this programme can be achieved by engaging the patients to undergo the screening at prescribed government healthcare facilities,” Sawant said.
The chief minister said that both the state and central governments are working very hard to raise the awareness that provides necessary medical infrastructure and medicines to all patients.
Sawant urged Indian Cancer Society (ICS) and State Institute of Family Welfare to use modern platforms like social media to increase the outreach and awareness material on cancer.
He also said that because of late diagnosis of the disease, people suffer which results in loss of health and wealth.