Program to encourage students to join professional courses to be designed soon: Sisodia

NEW DELHI: A program will be designed in which ITI students and graduates can interact with school students and encourage them to pursue professional courses in these institutes, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said here on Thursday. Advanced professional courses of Industrial Training Institute help students build the conviction to achieve their career aspirations and give them clarity about future goals, he said while interacting with the students at ITI in Khichripur.
Sisodia said the Delhi government’s ITIs are playing a “vital role” in the mission to upskill India’s youth.
The Deputy Chief Minister further said the students emerging from training institutes like ITI will initiate a “new chapter” for the “development of India” with their ability.
“We have to empower children to adopt professional courses, and the students of our ITIs must inspire school students to adopt this route for education,” he said.
“It is crucial to encourage students to adopt professional courses in a society where it is believed that if a student doesn’t pursue graduation, there is a huge gap in the education of the child,” he said.