Over 93% of fresh graduates prefer online bootcamps to learn new skills and be job ready, finds a survey

More and more students want to learn skills to be job-ready rather than carrying out study for study’s sake, revealed a recent survey among a large number of graduate and undergraduate students across cities.
Placement Survey’ of fresh graduates looking at bootcamps to upskill their coding and data analytics skills. The survey was conducted with a sample set of 7,500+ people including fresh graduates, professionals with 0-2 years of experience, found FunctionUp, a placement Bootcamp for Web Development and Data Analytics.
The survey highlighted that more than 93% of the respondents were looking at online bootcamps as a preferred way to learn new technical skills to get a job offer. Over 61% of the total respondents were fresh college graduates, followed by candidates with up to 1 year of work experience (11.9%), those who are currently studying (20%), and others.
The survey reveals that over 63% of fresh graduates intend to improve their employability through practical methods of learning, while considering communication too as one of the important factors to shape their career.
“A great number of college graduates are showing interest in bootcamps to learn technical skills and gain the desired placements. This represents a need for students to gain proper technical and communication skills, along with the right mentorship that helps them achieve employability in today’s market. Unfortunately, the formal college education system doesn’t prepare students to be employable. The survey findings will help us improve our efforts to scale outcome-focused skills and increase possibilities of high-paying jobs for the candidates,” said Bharat Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of FunctionUp
Highlights of the FunctionUp survey:
– 64.3% of survey respondents said bootcamps can be an effective way to acquire the practical skills required to launch their careers.
– Over 76% of students agree that communication is critical during interviews along with technical knowledge.
– When it comes to practical training through industry-level projects, more than 63% of students said bootcamps were very useful.
– Students enrolling in coding bootcamps like FunctionUp have a strong intent to gain technical knowledge (61.6%), followed by practical experience working on industry-relevant projects (33%), networking opportunities (10%), and interview practice (10%).
– 75.5% to 82% of students, respectively, said that having adequate guidance and interview preparations (live-coding, mock interviews, and hackathons) are particularly essential in getting the desired job.
– About 45.9% of the students who enrolled in the bootcamp did not seek any suggestions prior enrolling; the remaining 36.4% sought advice from friends and 16.3% from family; only 5% received counsel from the college faculty.