My Highlighter-Yellow Ugg Boots Brighten Up The Dreariest Days

It’s a dreary Saturday, rainy and cold, and I’m in a horribly long line at the post office needing to track a likely stolen package and send in my vote-by-mail ballot, but I am smiling, baby. Why? Because I am wearing my brand new, bright yellow tiny baby Uggs. They’ve got a little more coverage than a slipper without being a whole honking winter boot, and they’re a screamingly bright color that might even be seen from outer space — my favorite type of winter wear.

A lover of thrifting and discount finds at big box stores, I’m usually pretty resistant to wearing brand-name items or spending a lot of money on new clothes or shoes. However, having grown up in New England, I also know the importance of high-quality winter gear that will keep me warm and last for seasons to come.

Along with the rest of the internet, I’ve seen the revival of Ugg slippers in the last few years, and have been interested in getting a pair for myself. And having grown up in the 2000s, I’m a bit of an Ugg purist. To me, it’s worth spending a little more than I would on a knock-off pair to get a pair of real shearling winter kicks that will stay snuggly and warm.

I scoured the internet in search of a pair in a fun color that I haven’t seen in other places. I found that Zappos offered a wide selection, boasting colors I hadn’t seen on other websites, including Zappos also offered discounts on certain styles and had popular designs that were sold out in other places.

I was originally searching for a pair of slippers, but the so-called “ultra mini” style stole my heart, and not just for the bright yellow color (although that played a big part). I love to wear clogs and slippers — and have been known to wear them outside periodically, even when it’s snowing — but I wanted something with a little more support and a full heel covering without being a bulky boot.

Courtesy of Griffin Wynne

My bright yellow tiny baby Uggs that I will be buried in.

Don’t be fooled by the grays, browns and blacks of most jackets and boots. Winter is the perfect season to rock bright colors. A cold weather neon gives you something to look forward to when the weather is crappy, and it’s guaranteed to make strangers smile and garner you some sweet compliments from kind strangers at the produce section.

I can’t recommend enough getting a pair of bright-colored Uggs. They’ll give your whole outfit a boost of sunshine and will put a little pep in your step as you slog through slush and rain.

To share the love, and hopefully, to convert more people to wearing neon Uggs all winter long, I’ve rounded up my favorite pairs from Zappos in a huge selection of electrifying hues.

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Classic “ultra mini” boot

Meet the new love of my life: my neon tiny baby Uggs. They’re more supportive than a slipper and keep your heel warm, but they’re light and comfy and give any outfit a little pop of color. They’re water-repellent and pretty easy to clean (I’ve found the dirt will brush off them), with a lush inside and a good thick sole. Zappos has these in 14 colors — some that I only could find on Zappos — like this bright yellow plus cheetah, orange and baby blue.

Promising review: “These are the first pair of UGG’S I have ever purchased, and they do not disappoint! I am short (5’0″) so the taller classic UGG’s have always felt a little awkward or bulky for me. The ultra mini is just what I’ve been looking for, and I’ve been wearing them daily (even though it’s still hot out). I’m considering a second purchase! Definitely worth every penny!” — Lexi T,

Tazz platform slipper

If you’ve been on TikTok, you’ve likely seen these viral platform Ugg slippers — but have you ever seen them in this dreamy magenta? I certainly hadn’t. They have a structured opening to keep your feet stable and give you a little bit of height on cold winter days. These come in pink and black.

Promising review: “Love these. So many compliments. They do run a little tight AT FIRST but then they stretch. Perfect for fall. I’m usually a 6-6.5 but I sized up for winter socks” — Lisa

Classic short boot

A little brightness on a cold, gross day, these classic Uggs will keep your feet, ankles and shins warm. Though you don’t want to wear them trekking through giant piles of snow, they are water and stain-repellent, and are the perfect winter shoe for errands, travel or commuting. Zappos has them in 10 fun colors like emerald, pink, coral and black.

Promising review: “This is my very first pair of UGG boots and I love them so much I need more. The color and fit are perfect. They’re so warm and comfortable.” — Shevonne

Tasman slipper

With woven detail and a treaded sole, the Tasman slipper is a cult-favorite Ugg shoe that’s available in a ton of fun colors. They’re warm while still breathable with a structured opening that will make your ankles feel supported. Zappos has these in 11 colors like lime green, blue, purple, pink and black.

Promising review: “Best slipper ever! Can one be so excited about a pair of slippers? Well, as of yesterday, I am! Received my order in record time (thank you, Zappos… you are the best!) and my feet have been doing a happy dance ever since! These UGG Tasman’s are wonderful. They are very comfortable, warm… but not too warm, and can essentially be worn out to the mailbox or to get the paper, but I will try to keep them as my indoor only shoes for awhile. I usually wear a size 8 1/2, and bought a size 9 which fit me perfectly… they are not too big at all, and as a matter of fact, if I had gotten an 8, they would have been too small. Definitely size up if you are a 1/2 size. Love, love my UGG Tasmans!” — Cynthia W

Disquette slipper

Platform Ugg slippers took over the internet last winter, and have been increasingly popular ever since. These fuzzy babies will give you a little height while still keeping your feet cozy. Zappos has them in five colors like pink, red and brown.

Promising review: “I just received these today like just now and I love them so much, that black ones are second to best, now I just need the pink and grey ones I definitely recommend, and if you’re a 7.5 like me with wide feet size up!” — Aleiah

Classic clear mini boot

Covered by a thick translucent plastic, these weather-resistant Uggs promise to keep you warm in temps down to 4 degrees. They come in four bright colors and patterns as well as solid black, white and red, all with a pull-on tab that makes them easy to wear.

Promising review: “I can wear them in the freezing cold, the rain or breezy weather. They are very comfortable fit just like a glove.” — Tajhay

Coquette slipper

Embrace your inner early 2000s self with a pair of the classic Coquette slippers. With a traction sole that can be worn outside, they’ll be your everyday cold-weather favorite for indoor and outdoor use. Zappos has them in eight colors like cheetah, olive and pink.

Promising review: “The best ever I wear only Ugg Slippers, never another brand. Got a pair for my daughter and Best Friend” — Nonna

Tasman X clog

We’ve written before about the Tasman X shoe, aka the rain clog. They’re a thick, waterproof rubber clog with a removable fuzzy inner sock that worn alone as an indoor slipper. Zappos has them in eight colors including olive, hot pink, red, black and white.

Promising review: “I wear my Tasmans in the operating room while working. I remove the booties and wear them with comfy socks. I have totally stopped wearing my Birks and Hoka – and I have zero regrets. Great cushion for my 46 year old knees/back. No slipping!! Note: I have extremely flat feet so the lack of a pronounced arch is fine for me.” — Michele

Classic mini boot

Keep your ankles covered while still having mobility with these classic water- and stain-resistant mini Uggs. Zappos has them in 12 fun colors like yummy raspberry, bright orange, light pink and cobalt blue. (They also have neutral tones like black and tan.) The shorter top makes them super easy to style and wear all winter with jeans, leggings, dresses and everything else.

Promising review: “Love my mini, owned many different styles of UGGs I think the minis are my favorite, easy to style. I got the spruce color, is gorgeous.” — AnaQ

Ansley slipper

A slipper so sleek it truly looks like a loafer, the Ansley shoe features a flat front with a thick weave sticking and a moc toe. They’re water-resistant with a durable sole that can be worn inside and out. And Zappos has them in 12 colors, from pink to black to gray.

Promising review: “Love these slippers! I lounge around the house in them, walk the dog in them, even pop into the local grocer in them. The perfect, comfortable, attractive pandemic footwear.” — Paige58

Neumel chukka boot

Part chukka boot, part fuzzy, snuggly Ugg, these Neumel kicks have it all. With a solid traction sole and lace-up front, you can wear them as sneakers or booties but the warm interior will make it feel like you’re still wearing your slippers. Zappos has these in eight fun colors like red, pink, green and yellow.

Promising review: “Super cute alternate style from the traditional UGG boots .. goes well with skinny jeans and flannels… or leggings & long hoodie!” — Lori

Scuffette water-resistant slipper

Light and easy to wear, the Scuffette is the perfect shoe for traveling, running errands or lounging around the house on a rainy day. Zappos has them in 13 colors including cheetah, hot pink, metallic silver and brown.

Promising review: “I’ve never bought Ugg shoes/boots/whatever. These are awesome. Very glad I got them. Wearing them every single night when I get home. The dog has left them alone, so far, sensing, perhaps, a superior predator. He’s really not sure. These could not be more comfortable and snuggly. Easy off and on. Which is good, because I’m lazy. I wear these barefoot. I guess you could wear them with socks, or fine silk hosiery, or culottes, but I have a dork-line I try not to cross, as a personal sort of vague guideline. Hey, bottom line, these are fuzzy comfy slippers. That’s the best way I can describe them. And I like them. They’re fuzzy. They’re slippers. It’s like putting peanut butter with chocolate. Fuzzy. Slippers. Well, my work here is done.” — Sheri