Mental stress on high post-Covid: USA doctors

Visakhapatnam: The majority of American Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) said that mental stress has increased among the public post-Covid scenario. Around 40% of people are suffering from mental stress, heart-related diseases, increase in BP and Diabetes cases across the globe post Covid.
Mental health issues would be a bigger problem now a day than other diseases, they said. There is a need to develop a preventive mentality among the public, they opined.
The AAPI doctors Visweswarapu Ranga, L Raghunandan, P Sujeeth Reddy, Srinivas Gangasani, Lokesh Eedara, and Brahma Sarma said that societal stress of some form has increased post Covid around 30% compared to the years 2018, and 2019 and 2020.
Heart-related diseases increased by around 30% to 40% among the Covid affected people as heart muscles were weakened due to viral infections or some other complications. The age group of 25 years to 40 years is still experiencing anxiety and depression, they said.
“In India, we have 3 % to 5% more heart disease rate than America when compared. We have all facilities in India, but we are not using them,” the Georgia medical board member Srinivas Gangasani opined.
“With preventive health care, we can solve 50% of health problems. But we will not believe doctors. Hypertension and Diabetes would start in the early 30s of humans. We should take preventive measures,” AAPI Board Trustee L Raghunandan said.
The AAPI Covid Relief Committee Coordinator and Cardiologist P Sujeet Reddy said that non-communicable diseases are posing threat to the public as the family support system has come down in India. “Earlier, family means a joint family or some other form of support from parents or in-laws was there. Now, the support system has come down and stress levels increased post-Covid,” he said.
Doctor Lokesh Eedara opined that there would not be any threat of Delta wave in India. The variant that is showing impact in China is different. Another doctor Visweswarapu Ranga said that the family physician concept in AP would give more results in the future. He said that awareness of mental health should be created at the school level to overcome it.