Medical allowance for grant-in-aid school staff raised to Rs 1k

The commissioner of schools has announced that the medical allowance paid to the staff of grant-in-aid schools has been increased to Rs 1,000 per month from the earlier Rs 300. The authority had recently raised the government school staff’s medical allowances also.
As per a circular by the commissioner of schools, the educational and adminstrial employees and retired employees of grant-in-aid schools who were paid Rs 300 per month from 2014 onwards as medical allowance will now be paid Rs 1,000 per month. The commissioner of schools had sent the proposal to revise the medical allowance to the education department on September 27. The education department has sanctioned this proposal.
The circular states that if the state health and family welfare department implements a cashless mediclaim scheme for the state government employees the teachers who have been getting this allowance will have to agree to mandatorily enroll for that scheme.