KMC Manipal to organise Indian Neurobehavior Conference

Manipal:Kasturba Medical College will organise their first Indian Neurobehavior Conference between December 19 to 21, wherein neuroscientists from various renowned Indian institutes will be attending the event.
The conference is aiming to bridge the gap underlying neuropsychiatric disorders and basic neurobiological mechanisms by bringing together Indian neuroscience researchers and clinicians working on various model organisms like flies, mosquitoes, mice, monkeys, and patient population.
There will be a session for talks and poster presentations which will focus on the function of brain at the molecular, genetic, and neural circuit level which is fundamental for the development of novel therapies targeting the neurodegeneration and neuroimmune dysfunctionalities.
This unique conference will encourage sharing of experiences through round table discussions and mentoring sessions between senior and young researchers in the field. There will be a shared platform for clinicians and basic biomedical researchers with an aim of targeting neuronal disorders.