Kerala to create awareness among school students against body shaming

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government will create awareness among school students against body shaming and will consider making it part of the education curriculum, State General Education Minister V Sivankutty said on Sunday. The minister said body shaming was a heinous act and there are many who have lost sanity, being victims of it.
In a Facebook post, Sivankutty said someone had commented on his photo asking him to reduce his tummy.
“I had replied saying that body shaming is a heinous act. No matter what the explanation is, body shaming phrases are the worst. It is said as though in a loving manner. This happens in our society on many levels. There are many among us who have lost our sanity, being victims of body shaming,” Sivankutty said.
He shared the experience of one of his friend’s brother, a school student, who had to face discrimination due to his colour. The boy later complained to the teachers after which the other students turned against him. The minister said the boy had to change schools and suffered a lot of trauma.
“I repeat, we should end body shaming. Let’s be modern people,” the minister said.
“Let’s discuss how such awareness can be made a part of the education curriculum. Simultaneously, let’s discuss how to deal with such situations during teachers’ training programmes,” Sivankutty said.
The minister, in his Facebook post, said he will talk to the boy who faced discrimination and will ask his family to give him confidence. He underlined that it’s not one’s colour or wealth that matters but ideals like goodness of heart.”