International dignitaries at ‘Rescunite Summit’ discuss genetic mapping to reunite missing people

Navi Mumbai: International researchers and scientists from Spain, USA and India discussed the importance of genetic profiling, DNA mapping at the Rescunite Summit‘ held at SEAL Ashram in New Panvel, in order to find and reunite missing persons.
The head of DNA Prokids in Spain, Dr Jose Lorente, who is an expert in the field of DNA mapping, said: “In today’s day and age, it can become easier to identify and reunite missing persons if the investigators have a vast data of DNA and genetic profiling with them. Modern science must be used to help humans in such causes.”
Interestingly, Dr Lorente is also heading an international team of researchers to confirm the `real grave’ of the explorer Christopher Columbus, by again using the science of genetic coding and DNA mapping. “Currently, the remains of Columbus are said to be buried in two different graves in two countries, one of which is Spain. We have to investigate it using DNA identification technology to get to know the truth,” said Dr Lorente.
The chief patron of SEAL Ashram (Social and Evangelical Association for Love), Abraham Mathai, commented: “During the Covid pandemic, we had taken the help of Raigad collector to issue Aadhar Cards for the rescued homeless inmates at SEAL. This led to fingerprint and eye-retina scanning — which actually helped us to reunite 25 of the homeless persons with their families. Also, there is less coordination between various police stations with regards to sharing information of missing persons, which is why there are further delays in reuniting missing people. The DNA technology must be used by the government agencies and also NGOs and social service groups like SEAL to help in this noble cause.”
Representatives of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), MGM Medical College (Kamothe), and police officials were among those who attended Rescunite Summit.
Ashvat Shetty, the USA based co-founder of Returned.Org which fights against child trafficking and helps reunite children with their families, said: “If a small sized country like Guatemala can majorly use DNA science to help find missing persons, I think a vast nation like India should also do so as the number of missing people here is multiple times more.”
“RESCUNITE is the term used for rescuing, rehabilitating, and reuniting the destitutes, those who cannot help themselves, the homeless, and those abandoned on the streets, pavements, railway platforms, etc. The SEAL Ashram which was founded in 1999, has worked tirelessly on this project, and over the years we have been able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people who have been considered “invalids” in society. Though hundreds of destitute people have been reunited with their families, hundreds more are still waiting to be reunited,” said the founder of SEAL, Pastor K M Philip.