Inspiring over 15,000 students of Parul University: At the I.I.M.U.N Vadodara Conclave, Gaur Gopal Das shares his notes on mindfulness

Parul University, a renowned name among Indian higher education institutions, recently hosted at its expansive Vadodara campus the 10th edition of the I.I.M.U.N (India’s International Movement to Unite Nations) Conclave, where dignitaries from all walks of life gathered to inspire students, including the well-known public speaker and spiritual personality Gaur Gopal Das. Over 15,000 Parul University’s students attended the youth-focused aimed to foster the unique blend of Indian and global perspectives that I.I.M.U.N strives to impart.
At the event, graced by several notable personalities, Gaur Gopal Das spoke about the spiritual essence of India, which can go into the making of a wholesome way of life. With several years of presence in the public eye, Das is known for bringing to the masses the profound wisdom of Indian culture in a simple but effective way. The thoughts reflected in Das’s address were aligned with Parul University’s philosophy which seeks to make future leaders who, drawing from their holistic development, will contribute to the progress of the country.
Emphasising the importance of spirituality and mindfulness, Gaur Gopal Das outlined the problems that ail the modern way of living and shared that the Indian spiritual wisdom could be a potent solution for the concerns of the fast-paced modern life. The leader added: “kyunki yehi toh cultural jisse …jo mental health se bacha payega (This is the culture which can save us from mental health issues). Yahi to culture hai jo hamein mental strength aur fortitude de payega (This is the culture that shall give us mental strength and fortitude). Wisdom and the spiritual culture of the country will make us equipped to handle all of our problems.”
Further, stressing the importance of a good state of mind and strong mental health, Das, on an inspiring note, said, “Jab tak aapki mental health sahi nahin rahegi aap dusron ki help nahin kar payenge (With your mental health affected, you’ll not be able to help others). Jab tak aap khush nahin hai aap dusron ko khushi nahin de payenge (Until you are happy, you cannot help others to be happy). Jab tak aapse koi pyaar nahin karta aap kisi aur se pyaar nahin kar payenge (You cannot spread love until you receive love). Jab tak aapke jeevan mein hope nahin hai aap kisi aur ko hope nahin de payenge (Without being hopeful yourself, you’ll not be able to kindle hope in others)…… ladies and gentlemen, guys and girls, work on yourself and take care of yourself, then only you will be able to serve the people of your country.”

Gaur Gopal Das spoke on the spiritual essence of India, which can be used to create a wholesome way of life
In the context of seeking happiness in the age of social media, Das warned people to stay away from facile content that puts people under pressure to lead an inauthentic life, especially in terms of content that promotes an unrealistic positive mindset. Instead, he advises learning to cope with sadness by being content with one’s circumstances without comparing oneself with others. Additionally, the motivational guru urged the audience to step up and join him in spreading positivity and working towards a happy society.
The university, from the very beginning, has incorporated sound mental health as part of its agenda to offer world-class education. Regarding mental health initiatives, Parul University has taken several steps to ensure a healthy ambience on the campus, including promoting sensitivity among both faculty members and students. During the distressing times of the pandemic, the university sought to provide 24/7 support to students to fight any mental health concerns, especially with facilities such as access to the portal YourDost that hosts notable psychologists.
Aligned with the spirit of a muti-facted platform that I.I.M.U.N is known to be, Parul University is committed to offering holistic education by emphasising in its cutting-edge pedagogy a synergy of mindfulness and social awareness as well as academic and industry-related knowledge. The institution offers a wide range of diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in various disciplines and promotes holistic learning through its 250 specially designed, industry-relevant courses. The disciplines offered include multiple STEM and non-STEM subjects.
The STEM courses comprise various engineering specialisations, applied sciences, commerce, computer applications, pharmacy and many more. From the non-STEM stream, the institution has an eclectic array of fields of study: commerce, arts, fine arts, library science, health administration, public health, vocational studies, physiotherapy, Ayurved, homoeopathy, nursing, architecture, agriculture, social work, design, law, management, as well as business administration.
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