IIT-Madras offers courses in banking and financial services

CHENNAI: IIT-Madras Pravartak Foundation is offering seven courses that include programmes in digital banking, equity derivatives, investment advisory services and business accounting process. These courses will help students have a career in mutual funds, equity derivatives, digital banking, securities operations and risk management.
The courses are being offered in collaboration with Digital Skills Academy, an initiative of IIT-Madras, with InFactPro, a premier finance sector certified trainer in Chennai.
There is a lot of interest among students in India to build a career in banking and 30 lakh aspirants write different bank recruitment examinations every year with only 0.5% clearing them. These students have a huge set of opportunities waiting for them in finance and banking space provided they are ready to get upskilled.
“These courses will reach learners from all parts of the country and particularly, the remotest part of India where outreach of digital literacy is minimal, and will help everyone to stay ahead in the chosen career journeys,” IIT-M director V Kamakoti said in a release.
All learners who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or have completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and with a passion to excel in the BFSI domain are eligible to take these certification courses. Students, who take up these certification courses, will be able to write the various certification exams conducted by NISM, NSE, BSE and IIBF.
“With the recent technology advancement and digital adoption in the BFSI sector, recruiters are on the lookout for the candidates with the right skills,” said K Mangala Sunder, principal coordinator of Digital Skills Academy, Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE), IIT – Madras.
For further details about the course and admissions, visit https://iit.infactpro.com or https://skillsacademy.iitm.ac.in.