IIT-Madras and Tamil Nadu govt join hands to make school education experience better

NEW DELHI: Starting with a new learning management system which will be deployed in newly built high-tech labs in 6,000 government schools to improve the quality of learning for 90 lakh students, IIT-Madras researchers and Tamil Nadu’s department of school education have joined hands to make digital assessments and learning experience of school students better.
The collaboration between the IIT and Tamil Nadu government is to provide a richer learning experience to the school students by improvising and updating the existing digital learning platform to an assessment focused learning management system.
Currently, the classroom education of Tamil Nadu’s school students is supplemented through a digital learning platform i.e. Education Management Information System. IIT-M researchers will use their AI and data science expertise to come up with ways to improve the way assessments are conducted and framework for dissemination of educational material.
Researchers will build on the education department’s recent efforts of a taxonomy based content mapping to build a wide range of tools. These include assessment creation, performance evaluation including fraud detection, and various dashboards to monitor the learning progression of students, as well as school and district-level monitoring.
This initiative will be led by faculty, students, project associates and channel partners of the Robert Bosch Centre of Data Science and AI (RBCDSAI), a centre housed at the IIT with a vision to expand and further the research, education and outreach activities in the areas of data science and artificial intelligence.
Nandan Sudarsanam, associate professor at the department of management studies and a core member of RBCDSAI is the principal investigator. He said: “The digital medium can allow us to customize content and monitor progress in ways that would otherwise be unimaginable. We seek to improve the quality of education by building a data-driven framework and a set of useful tools that run on this medium.”
The initiative will be executed in three phases – first will focus on content management for educational material and assessment, second will work towards on delivery and feedback for educational material and assessment and the third phase will lay emphasis on data Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting system.
Thiru K Nanthakumar, commissioner, department of school education of Tamil Nadu said: “The State is moving towards a competency-based teaching and learning model. Our partnership with IIT-M is a critical step towards making this a reality for all government and government-aided school students. Through this initiative, we hope to make personalized learning pathways and targeted improvement in teaching and learning practices a possibility for students and teachers. This initiative will also be made completely open for students and teachers in private schools.”