IIT Delhi’s Research and Innovation Park holds workshop on production and usage of green energy

NEW DELHI: World is moving fast towards Hydrogen Power and our Nation is committed to move at lightning speed. Industry and academia are taking necessary steps towards bringing a large component of renewable and clean options in our energy mix.
Anthronik, a training entity along with a consulting body from academia, FITT are looking to build capacity in crucial energy sector. A workshop cum conclave was organized in IIT Delhi‘s Research and Innovation Park on October 19 and October 20, 2022 to sensitize, educate and work with interested CPSUs.
The Conclave cum Workshop was attended by several Oil and Power CPSU’s. All were enthusiastic to contribute in the national mission of increasing production and usage of green energy.
Academics from IIT-D like Dr Chitra Rajgopal, Prof VK Vijay, Prof RR Sonde, Prof Sreedevi, enlightened the audience on the path, process and outcomes and challenges to manufacture Hydrogen from various inputs and the expected outputs on the commercial manufacture of Green Hydrogen, Brown Hydrogen and Hydrogen with other color codes.
Senior members from Government bodies likes Mr. Rajesh Pathak, Secretary Technology Development Board, Mr Sunil Kumar Jt. Secy Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas, Mr. Pradeep Das CMD, IREDA, Mr. Alok Kumar ED, Centre of High Technology, addressed the august audience comprising of senior officers of CPSUs. They gave deep insights on the Govt’s views, initiatives, Legislation, Guidelines and support being extended to all Corporates, Unicorns and Entrepreneurs in this domain.
Corporate Heads like Dr Ramkumar Director- R&D, IOCL, and Vice President Hydrogen Association of India enlightened all by the work his department has been doing, including on producing Hydrogen from Bio Mass. Prof Vijay and Dr Ramkumar informed that there are currently 200 buses and many cars running on Hydrogen fuel.
Subjects of presentation, discussions and debate included Pros and Cons of Blue, Turquoise, Pink, Grey and Black Hydrogen Gas.
Finance on Capex, Return on Investments, Selling price, Production Cost, Land, Machinery requirements, Market potential, Transmission and Distribution, were all presented. Dr Bhattacharyya also presented a path not yet worked upon by the Global Leaders, Solid State Hydrogen its Pros and Cons.
We see tremendous commitment of the stake holders to be Global Leaders on Hydrogen Revolution. Thanks to PM Modi’s commitment at UN we are moving ahead from “Make in India” to “Invent in India.”