IIM Raipur, Chhattisgarh govt join hands to promote growth of minor forest produce

Raipur: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation Limited to lay the foundation for setting up a Production Management Unit within the Co-operative Federation. The MoU is expected to further promote the growth of the minor forest produce gatherers who are also part of associated SHGs. It will also boost the economy of Chhattisgarh since the state is home to various species of MFP that hold a lot of importance.
IIM Raipur will aid in the recruitment and management of different domains like marketing, supply chain, finance etc. within the company. IIM Raipur director Professor Ram Kumar Kakani, Chhattisgarh Minor Forest Produce (CGMFP) managing director (special) S S Bajaj, additional managing director Anil executive director Amarnath Prasad were present in the MOU signing ceremony.
IIM Raipur’s Professor Yogesh Chauhan, who, along with Professor Jagrook Dawra, who are the coordinators for this project, said “We are very optimistic about what we can achieve jointly. Our strength is in Managerial practice and knowledge and CGMFP’s strength is in market knowledge and project execution. Together, it is a formidable combination.”
The CGMFP (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation Limited, Raipur, is a three-tier cooperative organization established with the goal of advancing the trading and development of MFP in the favor of MFP collectors.
Minor Forest Produce (MFP) means the harvests from various forest species in the form of not just fruits, seeds, leaves, barks, roots or flowers but also any other part of the plant. For medicinal herbs/shrubs, the entire plant is an MFP.
Since the financial year 2006–2007, the Federation has run a state-level partnership initiative in conjunction with the support of the European Commission to promote livelihood-oriented activities in Chhattisgarh. December 2016 saw the completion of this project that gave employment to numerous people via the associated 1300+ Self Help Groups. After the completion of the project, the beneficiaries who were involved with the work were given a reasonable amount of profit.