IDTR first to start specialised training for mining, construction vehicles’ driving

RAIPUR: Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR) School, Naya Raipur, set up under the Public Private partnership(PPP) model, has become the first driving training institute to offer specialized training in vehicles for mining and infrastructure development. In the mineral resource-rich state of Chhattisgarh, demand for the drivers related to the mining industry is increasing for the operation of mining vehicles. Keeping this in mind, the specialized training programme has been launched.
State transport secretary S Prakash inaugurated the IDTR training programme being organised at the school for the first time.
The transport secretary said that this training being given for the operation of vehicles used in the mining sector will increase employment opportunities for the youth of Chhattisgarh in the field of mining. He said that this training would enable the mining industries to run smoothly.
At the same time, this training will also enhance the skills of the youth, which will also help in preventing accidents due to vehicles. Sanjay Sharma, assistant inspector general of police (traffic) and IDTR instructors and officials also planted trees on the premises of IDTR.
An action plan has been prepared for the training of vehicles being used in excavation and infrastructure development. Along with training, the management of vehicles has also been included in this action plan.
A refresher course has been arranged for commercial vehicle drivers. In this course, they are given information about the rules of road safety and traffic signals as well as the Motor Vehicle Act and the fines for violation of these rules. During the training, the drivers are also given information about the maintenance of vehicles to save fuel.