How the BBC helped to educate the nation in its first 100 years

Helen continued: “To create almost 200 hours of programmes from scratch with only three weeks pre-production would be a challenge in normal times but the Bitesize Daily team had to deliver this from conception to broadcast under social distancing rules, with Joe McCulloch, one of the executive producers, walking around with a two-metre ruler to stress the point!”

Editing was completed the night before transmission, lessons quality assessed by education professionals and, within a month, teachers were able to get 48-hour notice on which subjects were coming up for broadcast. Such was its success, Bitesize Daily continued after pupils began their return to school, and Helen holds it up as a solid example of how the BBC has supported young learners in its first century.

“Educating people is at the core of the BBC,” she said. “From the outstanding work of the Natural History Unit to our amazing News coverage.

“I think we should offer our audience a range of ways to learn with the BBC. From BBC Bitesize online content that students can interact with and learn at their own pace, to educational programmes such as Bitesize Daily and Live Lessons which are available on iPlayer and on CBBC.”

You can put your pencils and exercise books away now. There won’t be a test today.

After almost a century of hard work from students everywhere, please – take some time out to play instead. You’ve earned it.

This article was first published in October 2022.