How Discover School Super League is bridging the gap between the classroom and online learning

​The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the course of education, business, and people’s lives. The nationwide school lockdown and closure shifted children’s learning to online modes. With schools reopening following the pandemic, students are adjusting to life as usual. Schools, on the other hand, are attempting to achieve balance and complacency through the use of a hybrid learning approach. The upcoming season five of Discovery School Super League aims to restore normalcy in children’s lives by combining the best of classroom and online teaching and learning. By harnessing the power of technology and the structure of schools, the DSSL Season 5 is set to return in a hybrid format.
The school quiz contest for critical thinking, aptitude, and general knowledge will provide students with a peaceful environment to learn alongside their friends, teachers, and parents.

Donning a New Avatar
The DSSL Season 5 will return in an unprecedented hybrid format that will unify teaching and learning across the country. To encourage participation, DSSL will hold preliminary rounds on school grounds, secondary rounds at the nearest BYJU’S Tuition Centre, and final rounds will be broadcast on Discovery Channel. The school quiz show will provide students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to compete at the national level and win exciting awards. Through the percept of “Seekh ke Samjho, Samajh ke Jeeto,” it aims to foster the spirit of healthy and innovative learning and teaching in education.
Season 5 has advanced beyond student gifts and certificates. Bringing about a change in rewarding students, all participants will receive educational benefits such as access to BYJU’S high-quality digital learning programmes and classes, free of cost. In addition, attractive school bags and a detailed analysis of aptitude tests will be provided to students in return of participation. Outstanding performers are also being felicitated with merit certificates and being given a workshop on advanced concepts of maths and science at their nearest BYJU’S Tuition Centre.
The top three winning teams and their school principals will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to NASA, as well as a cash prize and national recognition by appearing on Discovery Channel.
Influencing Learning & Teaching
As one of the most popular and well-liked quiz shows, DSSL aims to use its strong influence to revive students’ lost connection to schools and teach them constructive use of technology. By reviving a quizzing culture, DSSL hopes to create a community in which participants and viewers alike can learn and engage. Furthermore, DSSL encourages students to use technology to broaden their learning horizons as they prepare for off-the-shelf questions, apply critical thinking, and conduct extensive research.
Innovating Education System
Including technology in classrooms or delivering education through online channels does not innovate education; it merely updates it. However, as technological changes occur in education, DSSL intends to use them to innovate the system. The quiz show will encourage hands-on activities, problem-solving, reinforcing concepts, and teamwork, shifting the emphasis away from pure lecture-based learning. Furthermore, DSSL will encourage every student to participate, which will further help them learn and understand concepts with much ease. .
After enduring the ups and downs of the global pandemic, students can breathe a sigh of relief with the return of DSSL, which provides students with enjoyable learning. DSSL will provide a platform for students to identify knowledge gaps, revise concepts, and build confidence, in addition to encouraging learning and teaching. Furthermore, participating in DSSL will provide students with instant gratification each time they correctly answer a question, making learning more engaging and rewarding.

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