Historians working into 1947 partition say present young generation away from events leading to partition

BATHINDA: Delving deep into the common cultures and raising voice against any type of injustice in different territories while yearning for peace in the sub continent, South Asia Peace Action Network (SAPAN) organised an online meeting to look into various aspects of the partition. ‘Beyond partitions, shared histories, ways forward’ saw the three historians with origins from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the victims of partitions, delving into 1947 partition and venting ire against how the gory events leading to the partition are being taken away from the third generation as the present young generation has not much inkling about what their forefathers faced over 75 years ago.
Aanchal Malhotra from India, Anam Zakaria from Pakistan and Ananya Kabir from Bangladesh delved into historical aspects and looked the meaning of the partitions in the context of present times debating how the people with no fault of theirs were made to settle at the alien territories telling them to migrate to safe heavens to save their lives but the events leading to partitions are very conveniently made to fade away from the public memory. They raised voice for making the youngsters to know more into the historical events by making it the part of school curriculum.
Moderated by Priyanka Singh, the young historians shed light on the works being undertaken to get the woes of the partition.
Though partition was debated at a larger scale in the month of August, when it completed 75 years of its occurrence, but the historians with first initials of ‘A’, Aanchal, Anam and Ananya made insightful and thought provoking narration of the partition and as to how the third generation is going away from the historical events.