Himachal Pradesh: Government teachers giving private tuitions to face action

SHIMLA: To earn extra bucks, many government teachers in Himachal Pradesh provide private tuitions to students at their homes and after coming to know about this finally the education department has decided to act tough against such teachers. In a circular issued the Director High Education said that taking private tuitions is violation of rule 2.7 of the HP Education Code, 2012.
But even after a decade of framing the HP Education Code, 2012, many teachers are continuing with the practice of providing private tuitions and this becomes evident from the letter of Director (Higher Education) Amarjeet Sharma sent to all the deputy directors on the issue of involvement of teachers in private tuitions.
It will not be easy for the teachers posted in government schools and are providing private tuitions to throw dust in the eyes of the government as the Directorate of Higher Education has entrusted the responsibility of monitoring the teachers providing tuition to the heads of their institutions.
Amarjeet Sharma, in his letter, said that it has come to his notice that teachers of government schools are undertaking private tuitions which is a clear violation of rule 2.7 of HP Education Code, 2012. He said that rule 2.7 clearly states that the teachers in Government Schools shall not undertake any private tuition. It also talks about maintaining strict vigilance and to make teachers liable for strict disciplinary action who force the students to enroll for private tuitions.
He said that rule says that it is a moral duty of the Head of the Institution that special coaching classes for weak students are arranged before or after the school hours and nothing is to be charged from students on account of such special coaching. All the teachers are expected to prepare the students in such a manner that the students attain confidence and can develop proficiency, he added.
He has directed the deputy directors to issue necessary directions to all the heads of educational institutions working under their control to ensure strict compliance of rules by all the teachers. He said that failure to comply with the above instructions will be viewed seriously and necessary action will be initiated against the defaulters under the relevant rules.