Hey, New Yorkers: Meet Your Neighborhood’s New Congressional District

All 50 states drew new congressional districts this year, but almost nowhere has the process been as contentious — or consequential — as in New York. Democrats here once hoped to tilt the playing field in their favor, but after a Republican lawsuit and a court decision, the state ended up with a more neutral map for the coming decade. The new lines already caused heartburn-inducing primaries for Democrats this summer, and they could deliver more twists in November’s critical midterm elections.

See how the districts for these New York City neighborhoods changed, or search for your neighborhood below:

Old Astoria-Hallets Point, Queens

This is a neighborhood in Queens with a population of about 18,900, where

the largest racial or ethnic groups are white and Hispanic residents.

In the 2020 presidential election, Joseph R. Biden Jr. won the most votes in this neighborhood by a margin of 63 points.

The district this neighborhood falls in now has a very different shape from the district before.

Mr. Biden won the old district by 69 points in 2020;

if the election had been held in the new district, he would have won there by 56 points.

Vote margin in 2020 election by precinct

Old Astoria has long been linked across the East River to some of Manhattan’s wealthiest and whitest neighborhoods, including the Upper East Side, home to the 12th Congressional District’s longtime representative, Carolyn B. Maloney. The decision by the court mapmaker to unite central Manhattan into a single seat and to draw more compact districts across the city means the neighborhood will now be united with Northwest Queens, including greater Astoria, and parts of the Bronx. The new 14th District is much less affluent, more progressive and more Hispanic than the one Old Astoria had been voting in.

Largest racial or ethnic group by census tract

In the upcoming midterm elections, the Democratic candidate in this district is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is the incumbent.

The Republican candidate is Tina Forte.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is favored to win, according to the Cook Political Report Race Ratings.