From Gengar to Mimikyu, here are the scariest Pokémon Pokédex entries

Malamar is what Hypno wishes it could be. Its shtick is that it has incredibly strong hypnotic powers, so much so that “Pokémon Shield’s” Pokédex entry states Malamar has mind-controlled its victims and played a role in “history-changing events.” Malamar is essentially an upside-down squid, which is pretty clever; the only way you can get this Pokémon is to evolve Inkay while holding your Nintendo 3DS or Switch upside down. Once you start thinking about this from a meta perspective, though, it gets creepier. Malamar essentially mind-controlled you, the player, to get you to turn your handheld upside down to evolve it. It’s something you don’t have to do for any other Pokémon.