Everything You Need To Know About The TheraFace Pro

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As a hardcore beauty devotee, I have long been into tech-y skin care devices. I’ve been rocking at-home LED light masks, facial toning devices, pore extractors and more for as long as I can remember, amassing a veritable closet full of gizmos and gadgets. Some are slightly better than others, but I regret to inform you that the TheraFace blows them all out of the water. This multitasking beauty tool from the makers of TheraGun does it all. It’s an eight-in-one beauty device that has pretty much rendered all of my other devices obsolete. Best of all, not only is the Theraface a skin care dream, but it does wonders for jaw tension and can even help to ease the pain of TMJ thanks to the added benefit of percussive therapy.

The TheraFace comes with six different attachments so you can customize your beauty routine depending on what you need most. That includes three percussive attachments — one flat, one micro point and the other cone-shaped. Each delivers deep, yet appropriately gentle, percussive massage straight to your tired facial muscles. In addition, a microcurrent ring firms and brightens skin, an LED light treatment attachment aims to fight acne and signs of aging and a deep cleansing ring keeps skin squeaky clean. You can also purchase two other attachments, a cold ring and a hot ring, separately.

My partner, who suffers from TMJ, uses it daily, and has found it to be hugely helpful in reducing her pain levels and achieving major tension relief. She prefers the cone-shaped attachment, but will occasionally use the flat or micro point heads for a slightly less localized or intense massage. It’s one of the very few things that has made a noticeable difference in her pain management. That alone makes it worth its weight in gold.

I can’t get enough of the skin care-focused components. The microcurrent attachment ring is just what my jawline needs. It uses small currents of electricity to stimulate facial muscles and can help to build collagen as well. I’ve found that with regular use, the skin around my jaw and cheekbones feels tighter. It provides similar results to regular use of a gua sha tool or lymphatic drainage massage, but with the added power of electricity. The purchase of the device includes the necessary conductor gel, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing that separately. I use it for about 10 minutes in the evenings while watching my programs on the couch.

As someone with both acne-prone skin and progressively deepening wrinkles, I’m obsessed with LED light therapy. I’ve been using a light mask for years, but the TheraFace is much handier and more travel-friendly while delivering the same benefits. This single ring produces three different types of light therapy: red light therapy to help reduce wrinkles, blue light therapy to help treat and prevent acne and red+infrared light therapy that is warming and can help reduce pain along with fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve found that it shortens the length of my breakouts and helps to heal dark marks leftover from past pimples. My skin definitely looks and feels healthier when I use this regularly.

The cleansing ring is gentle enough to use daily but strong enough to clear out congestion, dirt, build-up, oil and dead skin. For me, it’s the best way to get a deep, thorough clean without stripping my skin’s moisture barrier. I like to use it in the evenings to create the absolute freshest base for my night skin care products, but others might find it feels nice in the mornings.

As it stands, this single device replaces three other gadgets that I use regularly (a light mask, a microcurrent device and a facial cleansing brush) which have a total combined cost of $953. So while the TheraFace is a significant financial investment, it shakes out to be a fairly reasonable price if you’re someone who likes to invest in beauty devices or wants to target multiple issues at once. Add to that the fact that it is portable, easy to use and effective, and it’s more than worth the splurge. Still not convinced? Check out the glowing reviews on Amazon below.

“New skincare secret. I have always had decent skin. I am very prone to blackheads because I have larger pores, but overall I only suffered from very mild acne. For the most part, if I’m breaking out or having trouble spots of dry skin or any hyperpigmentation, it’s because I slacked on my skincare. As far as fine lines/wrinkles I have them on my forehead (main skin concern) and around my eyes a bit. If my skin is dryer then I’ll have slight smile lines but nothing that bothers me. This thing is a lazy persons best friend when it comes to at-home treatments. With the exception of the microcurrent feature, all of the treatments require no rinsing after. (So I can literally use this sitting on the couch or laying in bed) I enjoy skincare and use at least 3-5 face masks per week. Sometimes more. Since getting this, I’ve used less masks but have seen incredible results. It’s almost too good to be true! My skin has a much healthier glow to it, that you can’t get from any cream or serum. It’s just healthy looking and clear. I cannot wait to see what my skin looks like after using this for the next few months. This plus a good spf is literally all I need. Therabody never misses!” — Jesse Marie

“Great device with many uses. I really think this product would be a great fit for most people. All the attachments are used for evidence-based treatments so I know this stuff actually works and isn’t just a gimmick. I can’t really speak for its anti-aging benefits as I do not have mature skin, but I do work nights in the biggest ER in my region and my skin definitely looks less tired and dull when using the led and microcurrent attachments. The percussive features are great to help unclench my jaw after long shifts which I really appreciate. The device is on par with Theragun/Therabody quality so while pricey, I would definitely say it’s worth it.” — Rachel

“Just get it! I’m obsessed with the results I’ve seen in a short period of time plus it’s super travel-friendly. I truly like the blue light since I have acne and I’ve noticed it has help[ed my skin a lot. I can’t believe how compact and awesome the Theraface is, at first, it may sound a little bit pricey but honestly for all the functions it has and everything it does, it’s a great price and value for at-home skincare and super travel friendly.” — Vanessa Ferran