Everyone Elon Musk was spotted with at the World Cup final in Qatar

Lakshmi Mittal, executive chairman of steelmaking behemoth ArcelorMittal, was seen speaking with Musk and Kushner during the match. The Indian billionaire began working with his family’s steel plant in the 1970s and grew the company rapidly, buying state-owned steel plants all over the world for low prices and turning them profitable.

In 2006, he led a successful hostile takeover of Arcelor, creating the world’s second-biggest steelmaking corporation, part of an industry that is responsible for upwards of seven percent of carbon emissions annually. On Sunday, he took in the game with Musk, the CEO of the world’s largest electric car maker, which also manufactures solar panels and energy storage systems.

A spokesperson for ArcelorMittal confirmed Mittal’s identity in images provided by The Post.