DIY Kits That Make Beautiful Breast Milk Jewelry At Home

Cassie Bigelow, an Oregon native and mother of three, recounted her breastfeeding journey as empowering, beautiful, and at times challenging — but above all, something that she wanted to remember.

“Breastfeeding was a bonding experience with each of my children,” Bigelow told HuffPost. “I know how lucky I am to have been able to have that experience and that my body was able to provide those nutrients for all three of my kids.”

After searching online, Bigelow found a way to preserve and commemorate not just the memory of her time breastfeeding her kids, but the tangible evidence of what her body could create.

AXCDesignCo is a small business based in Chocktaw, Oklahoma, and is also one of the platform’s top sellers of breast milk jewelry.

The seller offers a selection of rings, necklaces and earrings all a variety of finishes and materials. Each piece features a milky-hued stone, similar to an opal, that contains breast milk (which, of course, is supplied individually by the customer.)