Class 8th student from Rohtak writes a book on her experience during pandemic

ROHTAK: During the Coivd-19 pandemic while her father Dr Arvind Dahiya was busy saving precious lives, Yashita Dahiya, a 12-year-old young avid reader was saving her experiences in a notebook to give it the shape of a book.
Titled ‘Wisty and the Cursed Land” – Yashita got her first book released on Children’s Day at Rohtak.
The fiction-genre book is a light-hearted take on characters that hit the author’s mind while struggling to connect with the outer world. A student of class 8th in reputed Kings College, India, Yahista said that the book has 15 chapters and it took her 7 months to jot it down.
“It’s been an incredible experience to write the book and all the editing and cover designing and back page was done by me only”, said Yashita.
The book was released by her school head teacher Mr Page on children’s day in the presence of her classmates, deputy head teacher Mr Surjeet, Ms Menezes and parents.
In a separate function, Yashita presented her book to a wider audience that included her extended family, friends, reputable doctors of the town, acclaimed educationists (former CEO of Model Education Society Vijay Balhara), senior journalists and MDU VC Prof Rajbir Singh.
Interacting with the enthusiastic crowd, she introduced the main character Wisty, a 12 years old American girl who gradually transformed her weakness into strength. It’s a search for the truth, though it’s a light-hearted but intense and probing fantastical story.
She mentioned that inspiration came from her own struggle during the pandemic when she struggled as an extrovert to connect with the world. In her words, Yashita mentioned that she found it hard to be the extrovert she was and enclosed herself as a self-conscious anxiety-filled girl. In this struggle, she found a love for writing and felt inspired by many good authors especially Rick Rioden and David Williams and many more.
During this function, many children felt excited and inspired. There was huge excitement among children to buy the book. Yashita said that she has plans to write a whole series and her next book will be released soon. Her book will be available on Amazon soon.
Dr Arvind Dahiya, director of Kainos hospital and ex-senior consultant, at Nottingham hospital, England, said that he was proud that his daughter penned her thoughts in the form of a book at such a young age.