Children travel in tractor trolley to school in UP

BAREILLY: Despite the Yogi Adityanath government firmly stating that tractor trolleys are not to be used for travelling, a viral video shows school children in a tractor trolley.
The tractor trolley was open and returning to the kiln after supplying bricks when a few school children climbed on it for a lift.
The recent incident was reported on Saturday from a state highway in the Keladevi area of the state.
Transport sub-inspector Anuj Malik said: “We are searching for the tractor trolley seen in the viral video. We have been advising locals to follow traffic rules and requesting parents not to send their children to school in overcrowded vehicles. There are guidelines to be followed by school transport vehicles and if we see anyone flouting the same, we issue challans or seize the vehicles.”
This comes a day after a picture of school children going to a school on a JCB machine went viral in Sambhal.
Additional regional transport officer Ambrish Kumar seized the JCB. Later, they met the children to record their statements. The children told them they had boarded the JCB just for fun and did not intend to travel on it.
The officials later conducted a session with school children advised them that such practices could put their lives in danger.