CANDIDATE SPOTLIGHT: Arizona Democrat candidate for governor Katie Hobbs talks abortion, inflation

Arizona’s gubernatorial race takes center stage in this edition of ‘Candidate Spotlight,’ Fox News Digital’s series that asks candidates in top races to respond to the policy and political questions that are top of mind for voters across the country.

In this edition of Candidate Spotlight, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs told Fox News Digital why she believes she’s the best candidate for Arizona and gives her thoughts on her Republican opponent Kari Lake.

What is your closing message to voters?

Hobbs: This race isn’t about Republicans or Democrats, it’s about sanity versus chaos. I have a track record of working across the aisle to solve our state’s biggest challenges. In this time of uncertainty, we need leaders with the vision and strength to get the job done. I know we’ve got what it takes to turn our challenges into opportunities — opportunities to make Arizona the best place to live, work, and raise a family. I’ve released a bold plan to lower costs and make Arizona more affordable. We’re going to make the government more accountable. We’re going to stop kicking the can down the road and finally deal with our water crisis. We’re going to make sure every child in Arizona, no matter where they live, gets a world-class public education. We’re going to ensure that women and families have access to reproductive healthcare, including safe and legal abortion. And, we’re going to continue to stand up to the incessant attacks on our freedom to vote. That’s getting the job done.

Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs speaks at a press conference calling for abortion rights on October 7, 2022.
(Mario Tama)

What do you think is the most important issue to voters in Arizona?

Hobbs: Families are seeing the cost of everything from groceries to rent to medications skyrocket. We need a governor who is laser focused on lowering costs, which is why I introduced my Affordable Arizona plan to put more money back in the pockets of working families immediately, without raising their taxes. That’s going to go right back into our economy, and create growth.

Economists have compared my plan to my opponent’s and said her plans to combat inflation would be like using “jet fuel” to put out a fire, making the problem worse. Republican mayors have said Kari Lake’s proposals would require defunding police and fire departments in Arizona cities. And experts have said her plans would make water unaffordable for families and would make housing more expensive. We can’t afford Kari Lake’s dangerous ideas. 


Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs is interviewed after speaking at a Women's March rally on October 8, 2022.

Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs is interviewed after speaking at a Women’s March rally on October 8, 2022.
(Mario Tama)

A majority of Arizona voters view the economy as a top concern this election cycle, what would you do to combat record inflation?

Hobbs: Right now, inflation is hurting too many Arizona families. I know what it’s like to face these challenges, because my own family has struggled financially. Just like many Arizonans, I’ve worked more than one job to pay the bills — including driving for Uber in 2016 to make ends meet. In 2009, my family and I faced foreclosure on our home during the Great Recession. These challenges are very real to me, and that’s why you can be sure that when I’m governor, I’ll be working day in and day out for families all across this state who are struggling just like mine. Economists say my plan will lower costs and put people back to work. It cuts taxes for 800,000 families, makes everyday essentials like medications more affordable, and helps lower the cost of housing in Arizona. Plus, I’ll work to create more good paying jobs that can’t be outsourced right here in Arizona and support more career and technical training opportunities. You can find my plan for an Affordable Arizona at 

What limitations, if any, do you support on abortion? 

Hobbs: The decision to have an abortion must be between a woman and her doctor — not politicians and the government. Arizonans want their freedoms; they don’t want more government mandates. There is no one-size-fits-all government mandate that’s going to address every unique medical circumstance. The idea that there’s rampant late-term abortion is just false. Late-term abortion is incredibly rare, and when that happens, it means something has gone very, very wrong medically, and it’s devastating to a woman and her family. They have a nursery and they have a name picked out for the baby, but they need an abortion because something has gone terribly wrong. Doctors need the ability to provide the care that their patients require in those very difficult and rare circumstances.

Arizonans don’t support the extreme abortion bans that don’t have exceptions for rape or incest and that require prison time for doctors. They support access to safe and legal abortion, and we should be having a conversation about how to restore reproductive access. We must allow doctors to provide the care that’s best for their patients, instead of asking doctors to get on the phone with their lawyers to find out if they’re going to be arrested for doing their job. 


Arizona gubernatorial candidates Katie Hobbs, left, and Kari Lake, right, stump ahead of their showdown in November. 

Arizona gubernatorial candidates Katie Hobbs, left, and Kari Lake, right, stump ahead of their showdown in November. 

How would you combat rising crime in Arizona? Would you support cashless bail, if elected?

Hobbs: As governor, I will be 100% committed to keeping Arizonans safe from harm. Our approach to public safety needs to be both firm and comprehensive. That’s why I will address the direct and indirect causes of crime, including ensuring the Department of Public Safety is providing assistance directly to sheriffs so they have access to necessary intelligence and additional resources. The bottom line is we need to take immediate action to keep communities safe, while also developing a comprehensive plan to address the root causes of crime and prevent it from happening in the first place. 

Meanwhile, Kari Lake has called for dismantling the nation’s top law enforcement agency, which provides critical resources in Arizona to stop drug trafficking and to secure our border. She has also put out a proposal that Republican mayors have criticized because it would require cities to defund local police and fire departments. Her plans are as dangerous as they are ineffective. 

Will you accept the results of this year’s election?

Hobbs: Yes, I will accept the results of this year’s election. My opponent Kari Lake, on the other hand, said this month that she will only accept the results if she wins. This dangerous position is disqualifying for elected office — especially the state’s top elected office. Arizonans, including myself, don’t want to waste time on her never-ending conspiracy theories. We want to get to work solving the most pressing issues we face today like our water crisis and skyrocketing housing prices.


What is one thing you admire about your opponent?

Hobbs: I admire that she came from humble beginnings.

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