Breast Reconstruction is helping cancer survivors beat trauma: Dr Sumita Shankar

Amaravati: Internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr Simitha Shankar has observed that advanced clinical procedures in cosmetic surgery are helping cancer survivors overcome the trauma of losing vital bodily parts to the dreaded disease. She said that even elderly women, the cancer survivors, are not hesitating to undergo breast reconstruction surgery to gain confidence and womanly features. International BRA ( Breast Reconstruction Awareness) day will be celebrated at Amaze Medspa on Wednesday the presence of cancer survivors.
Speaking to the media on Tuesday on the eve of BRA day, Dr Shankar said that the breast cancer survivors, who have lost either one or both the breasts, go through traumatic living each day. “Even though they have survived the scariest part of being free from cancer, It feels like less of a womanhood and they suffer silently,” said Dr Sumita Shankar. She recalled that a 65 year old lady who had lost both her breasts 25 years ago came to her clinic with her husband who is 70 years old, got both her breasts reconstructed by Autologous fat transfer and were very grateful.
“This episode not only shows that age is no bar for wanting to feel women again, and also women don’t have to wait till 25 years to get a breast reconstruction. This reflects the courage being gained by women cancer survivors,” noted Dr Shankar. She explained that presently a good number of experienced plastic surgeons in the country who are very well trained, are available in the country and the best part is that post cancer breast reconstruction packages have been included in YSR AROGYASRI,the state government sponsored medical insurance.
Dr Nishant Sadhanala, who has recently joined Amaze Medspa Centre, a home grown surgeon (GMC Guntur) with a Plastic Surgery training from KEM Hospital Mumbai, is on a mission to bring out a sense of completeness to breast cancer survivors. He joined hands with Dr Sumita Shankar to launch this breast awareness campaign.
They together have decided on the eve of International BRA day to provide free consultations, support and services to not only cancer survivors but all the women with any breast related problems from 19th Oct – 20th November 2022. They have decided to continue this crusade and continue to spread the word across the state by touring all the districts of Andhra Pradesh in the coming months.