Baba Farid University: Dr Wander withdraws candidatures for VC’s post

LUDHIANA: Reputed Cardiologist Dr Gurpreet Singh Wander has withdrawn his candidature for the post of Vice Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences. This comes after Punjab Governor Banwari Lal Purohit on Tuesday rejected the move of the state government and sought a list of three names to choose from.
Talking to The Times of India, Dr Gurpreet Singh Wander said that he withdrew the candidature on Wednesday after the controversy started in his name. He added that he is a professional person and doesn’t want to get into any controversy.
Wander said that he will continue to work for the people at DMCH. He added that he will do his clinical work and has left the vice principal post.
“Chief Minister had announced so there was no confusion in his mind and he had gone to Faridkot and saw the entire hospital for necessary changes. Every day we used to discuss but there is no fun in getting into controversy. I was going to leave behind everything here and for making a positive contribution but that has come into controversy, so what can be done”, said the noted Cardiologist. He indicated that he fulfilled all the criteria but he doesn’t want to be a candidate for the post of VC.
Dr Gurpreet Singh Wander said that his forefather and grandfather were in Fazilka so he has some attachment to that area so that was part of the reason that he wanted to go and serve in that area.