At VKE, parent community is partners in excellence

PUNE: The Parent Teacher Association (2022-23) at Victorious Kidss Educares passionately and as ever, joins hands with the management to bring out the secret power from within each child, said a statement issued by the school.
The relationship between the PTA at Victorious Kidss Educares and the management is one of an unheard kind. Usually one finds the school and PTA at loggerheads with each other. But at VKE the PTA has always played a big role in collaborating with the school to bring out the best in the children. Here both work sincerely to achieve common goals and give holistic development to each child.
President of the school, Robbin Ghosh said in the statement, “Parent’s participation has helped with developing the school policies, a better academic achievement, focused classroom behaviour, growing happy students and improved quality of education. This awakening and active participation in the ongoing pedagogy brings tremendous awareness of concept-based teaching and learning. Our school parents join hands with the school leadership to organize various language clubs, guest lectures and school events that have significant learning objectives.”
The school has an open-door policy which is the most distinctive feature of this school. Here, parents, students and teachers have direct access to the principal. This process builds a sense of trust and confidence in each child. When there is a feeling of being heard, that reassures the team and creates a very positive outlook. When the children see their parents collaborating with the school they learn one of the most important life skills.
This year the PTA had taken over the responsibility of organising the Diwali mela (08 Oct 2022) ~ at the school and the team is working earnestly on their goal of lighting the entrepreneurship spark within each child.
Poonam Lipane, PTA Secretary, said, “Our PTA has been participating actively during the COVID-19 pandemic, and school re-opening thereafter. During, whether be it a marathon race, a grandparent story reading session, parental workshop towards making talented parents as an important resource center for the children to learn.”
The PTA members are taking keen interest in each minute detail. The PTA VP and Ssecy. have made various teams, which brainstorm and roll out the action plan. They meet daily in person in the school, as well as online to discuss the plan and progress of each team. This energy is the most prized feature of the PTA team.
PTA vice-president, Pooja Gupta said, “The Diwali mela is like an entrepreneurship course where students learn how to make a business plan, how to position themselves, how to negotiate, how to communicate and finally how to succeed in their plan. All this is offered in an informal way where the students learn life lessons through discreet mentoring and counselling. The students will also be given an opportunity to showcase any talent of their choice. This flexibility allows each student to get creative and think, ‘out of the box’. Each child is appreciated for their efforts and their unparallel performance. This is a unique feature of VKE where they work hand in hand with the parents to unleash the secret power from within each and every child.